IL Racing Board Notice to Trainers

Message from Dawn Folker-Calderon DVM, State Veterinarian, Illinois Racing Board: 

All horses, including ponies, need the following to be on the grounds:

  1. All horses MUST have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (Health certificate) within the prior 5 days of entry
  2. All horses on the grounds MUST a negative Coggins test within the last 365 days
  3. All horses on the grounds MUST be vaccinated for EHV-1 within the last 180 days, Vaccination for EHV-1 is required twice a year
  4. No entries will be accepted without documented proof of  a negative Coggins Test and Current EHV-1 Vaccine

Race Day:

  1. All horses  MUST  be jogged during pre-race examinations
  2. Ship-ins MUST notify the stable security office of your location for pre-race exams and Lasix administration
  3. All horses into race MUST have a security sign by their stall indicating they are in to race. Failure to do so will result in a fine.
  4. Working for the Regulatory veterinarians will be done by appointment. Currently, we are available to watch works on dark draw days which are Monday and Tuesdays. Prior to making an appointment to work for the regulatory veterinarian you will need your attending veterinarian to examine and jog your horse.