HISA Requirements for Horse-People and Horses

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"Horsemen University" - Horsemen Required Continuing Education

Persons Licensed by the IRB Are Required to Register Themselves and Horses With HISA, Per a New Federal Law, by July 1

 The basics of HISA — the first in a series of educational messages from the ITHA — appear below.

What is HISA?
HISA stands for the federal Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Act, a new federal law.
It also stands for the Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authority, the regulatory body responsible for administering the safety components of the new federal law.

What does it do?
The new federal law will regulate horse racing nationwide in an attempt to bring all of the nation's racing commissions - across the entire industry - under the same set of rules and regulations.

How will it do that?
HISA establishes two new programs: the Racetrack Safety Program and the Anti-Doping and Medication Control Program, as well as rules and regulations across both areas.

When do those programs become effective?
The Racetrack Safety Program rules and regulations become effective July 1, 2022. Rules and regulations for the Anti-Doping and Medication Control Program are expected to be effective Jan. 1, 2023. 

How will these new rules affect Illinois horsemen and horsewomen? 
First and foremost, all Illinois horsemen and horsewomen are mandated to register with HISA. The new law requires all “covered persons” to register and it stipulates that covered persons include individuals licensed by the Illinois Racing Board to participate in Illinois thoroughbred racing.

Covered persons therefore include:

  • Thoroughbred owners
  • Thoroughbred trainers and assistant trainers 
  • Stable foremen, grooms and hotwalkers 
  • Jockeys, exercise riders, pony riders, apprentice jockeys and jockeys’ agents 
  • Bloodstock agents 
  • Authorized agents 
  • Regulatory, association and practicing veterinarians 
  • Non-veterinarian health providers 
  • Blacksmiths 

What information must each “covered person” provide?
Under the rule proposed to implement HISA, each covered person must provide:

  • Name, physical address, and permanent mailing address; 
  • Mobile phone number or email address, or both if available; 
  • Identification of all racing jurisdictions in which the covered person is currently licensed and the occupation(s) for which the covered person is licensed;  
  • An image of at least one currently valid license issued to the covered person by a racing regulatory authority; and 
  • Any other information reasonably required by the regulatory authority to fulfill its statutory duties under the law. 

To register with HISA, click here.

Does HISA also require the registration of race horses?
Yes, race horses must be registered, too.

Who is responsible for registering each horse?
HISA requires that each race horse be registered by the “responsible person.” For a race horse that has not yet performed its first workout, the responsible person is the owner. Once the horse is in training, the responsible person is the licensed trainer for the horse.

What information must be provided for each horse?
Among other details, the responsible person must identify the location of the horse and also provide the horse’s equine vaccine and health information.

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Where can I find more information?
The ITHA will send additional messages to help educate our membership about their responsibilities under HISA.
HISA, the regulatory body, also includes information about requirements under the new law on its website here. And if you’d like to read the federal rule proposed to implement HISA, please click here

To register with HISA, click here.


Need help registering?

 The ITHA is committed to helping members register with HISA. If you or an individual in your employ needs access to a computer to complete registration, please visit the ITHA office on Hawthorne's backstretch.