(Updated) Covid-19 Vaccine Information

The ITHA DOES NOT OPERATE ANY OF THE WEBSITES BELOW, however, we will do our best to update this page as more information and locations become available.
Some of these website may come down after capacity for registrations have been met. 

If you reside in Illinois and you are either 65 or older AND/OR you fall into any of the 1B categories you can sign up for the Covid Vaccine by clicking the links below. Please
look for your location. 

Cook County Vaccine Sign Up

City of Chicago Vaccine Sign Up

Town of Cicero Vaccine Sign Up

Township of Stickney Vaccine Sign Up

Village of Oaklawn Covid Information

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) this is Phase 1B is defined as follows:

On January 25, 2021, Phase 1B will begin, allowing frontline essential workers and residents age 65 and over to get vaccinated. The frontline essential workers designation includes many residents who carry a higher risk of COVID-19 exposure because of their work duties, often because they are unable to work from home, and/or they must work closely to others without being able to socially distance. This includes first responders, education, food and agriculture, manufacturing, corrections workers and inmates, USPS workers, public transit workers, grocery store workers and staff at shelters and day cares. To provide more equitable vaccine access to elder populations given data showing people of color die of COVID-19 at younger ages, Illinois lowered the age eligibility recommended by ACIP by 10 years, from age 75 to age 65. Illinois has 1.3 million people who qualify as “frontline essential workers” and 1.9 million adults age 65 and over, totaling 3.2 million eligible Illinoisans.


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