Important Message Regarding EHV

Dear Horsemen,

As many of you have seen in the recent months and over the recent years,  the prevalence of Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopuenmonitis) outbreaks have been on the increase. The outbreaks at tracks can have devastating consequences on a race meet. As we prepare for our Spring meet to begin and as horses travel from other areas to come to Illinois to race, we would like to remind you of the EHV-1 requirements of the Illinois Racing Board rule 605.60 which requires all horses (ponies and race horses) be vaccinated every 180 days for EHV-1. Additionally at this time, we would like to remind you of the requirements to enter the race tracks in Illinois.

The current requirements to enter the grounds at both Hawthorne and Arlington park are as follows:

Health Certificate: A valid health certificate must be issued within ten (10) days at the point of origin prior to entry onto the track to include a valid rectal temperature

Required Vaccinations: EHV-1 (Rhinopuenmonitis) by a licensed veterinarian, with the date of the vaccination and manufacturer listed on the Health Certificate, that is not more than sixty (60) and not less than fourteen (14) days prior to entry onto the track.

Recommended vaccinations:

  • West Nile Virus 
  • Equine Influenza
  • EVA (Equine viral arteritis)  
  • Eastern & Western Equine Encephalomyelitis  Tetanus

Please realize that vaccinations do not necessarily prevent all illness,  but they do decrease the likelihood of the disease as well as lessen the severity of the disease should a horse become ill.

 - David McCaffrey
Executive Director of the ITHA