Congratulations 2019 Scholarship Winners!

The Chicago Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Foundation and the Illinois Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association wish the students awarded the CTHF Scholarship the best of luck in the upcoming school year and hope to see them advance in their journey towards careers! 

This year’s scholars are:
 (Listed alphabetically by last name) 
Nayeli Arellano
Palmira Arellano
Lili Bahena
Kelsey Berndt
Eduardo Candelas
Jacquline Candelas
Francelia Celis
Annie Flores
Axel Gongora
Joselin Gutierrez
Martin Martinez
Francisco Martinez
Wendy Meraz
Jacquline Razo-Torres
Jessica Rodriguez
Gisselle Rosas-Camacho
Leslie Soto-Romo
Skyler Spanabel
Adilene Villa
Christina Villa
Kenneth Winebaugh Jr.