Gaming Bill Signed: Tracks May Now Host Casino-Style Games

Dear Fellow Horsemen:
We’re a great step closer to larger purses, more live racing opportunities, and an end to that heinous practice known as recapture.
Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker today signed Senate Bill 690, the gaming legislation recently approved by legislators, and this state’s tracks now have the authority to host slot machines and other casino-style games for the purpose of generating additional revenue to boost purses.
The horse racing portion of this new law, which represents a negotiated agreement reached by tracks and horsemen, also will implement a structure to guarantee live racing. And it will phase out recapture, the practice of tracks depleting horsemen’s purses to subsidize their own operations. Gov. Pritzker approved the gaming measure as part of a package of legislation that will establish a new capital construction program in our state.
It will take some time before Illinois thoroughbred purses are substantially improved. But when the terms of this new law are fully implemented, Illinois can once again become a world-class destination for thoroughbred horse racing. We will share additional details, as we have them, specific to the rollout of our new and much improved gaming landscape.
I’m proud to serve the finest horsemen I know.
Mike Campbell