A Message from the Illinois Department of Agriculture

Dear Horsemen:

The Department of Agriculture has worked out an Agreement with the Jockey Club which allows us to access the 2018 digital Jockey Club certificates for Illinois thoroughbreds.  With this access we are able to view those foals that have completed their registration with the Jockey Club and affix the Illinois state seal and I.D. number on the top of the certificate.  It will also show if a foal was sired by an Illinois stallion.  If you would like to see your I.D. number you will need to hover over the seal with your mouse.  This registration information will stay with the certificate as it is assigned to tracks, sales companies or new owners.

Please note that Jockey Club certificates for foals of 2017 and older will still need to be sent into the Department.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank You!
Kelly Beck