Apply to Galloping Out / FAQ


Where do the horses come from? 

Galloping Out horses have all raced and/or trained at Chicago-area tracks. Preference is given to Illinois-bred thoroughbreds. 

Are there specific requirements to be eligible to adopt a Galloping Out horse?

Yes. When a decision has been made to adopt  horse, the potential adopter fills out an application, stating the basics such as where the horse will be stabled, the feed program, and references from veterinarians or blacksmiths and their trainers. Often a site check will be made to ensure adequate fencing and shelter, and the references will be checked. 

Can I have a vet check a horse before I adopt?

YES! Because these horses have raced, they often have soundness issues. When they enter the program, they are rested and rehabilitated from racing injuries before they begin retraining, and are sound enough to go on. We encourage any potential adopter to have their own vet go over the horse just as they would for any purchase. 

How much does it cost to adopt a horse?

Adoption fees range according to many factors such as age of the horse, or physical limitations, but in all cases are modest and reasonable. 

Do I get the registration papers when I adopt?

No. Each horse's Jockey Club registration papers are permanently canceled. We will however provide a photocopy so that adopters have a record of their pedigree and winnings. 

May I adopt a horse for breeding?

No. Galloping Out farms include a no-breeding clause in each adoption contract. 

How else does Galloping Out support retired thoroughbreds?

We sponsor thoroughbred-restricted classes at multi-discipline horse shows. We also send a horse to a college equestrian program every semester. 

How can I support Galloping Out?

There are several great ways to help support Galloping Out:
-Donate via our website or at the ITHA office
-Volunteer your time
-Join a fundraiser
-Host a fundraiser (a 9-year-old supporter held a Galloping Out benefit as her birthday party)
-Sponsor a horse
-Adopt a horse
-Spread the word.

Galloping Out is a recognized 501(c)(3) charity. Your donation is tax deductible under IRS regulations.