2021 CTHF Scholarship Essays

The CTHF scholarship application requires an essay based on one of the provided prompts, the essays from the scholarship applicants were interesting and insightful. The essays can be accessed in PDF format by clicking the names of the students below.

The essay prompts for this year were: 

Prompt 1: Over the past decade, horseracing has been attacked by many animal rights organizations. Horseracing has been portrayed as cruel and abusive. How would you respond to these organizations and how would you demonstrate the value horseracing creates?

Prompt 2: Horseracing faces multiple challenges, some examples of this are: declining purses, medication rules, breakdowns, public opinion, a decline in market, amongst other issues. In your opinion what is the biggest challenge horseracing is faced with and what steps are needed to correct the issue?

Prompt 3: The Backstretch community is a tight knit community. Describe the ways the backstretch community is unique from other communities. What are the challenges and benefits of growing up in the backstretch?

Prompt 4: Horseracing is an interesting sport, particularly because of the high emphasis placed on the horse’s pedigree, past performances, and trainer. It creates a question of “nature vs nurture.” To what degree do you believe genetics is involved in the success of a horse’s career?

What do you believe is more important, strong genetics or a competent trainer?

Prompt 5: The Coronavirus Pandemic and the vaccine roll-out for the virus brought many social issues to light. During the vaccine roll-out many policy makers struggled with which communities, industries, and demographics of people should have priority for vaccination access. If you had been a policy maker, who would you have prioritized for vaccination access and why?